[Video] Watch A Rapid HIV Test Live So You Know What To Expect

In this video Dr George does a rapid HIV test live so you can understand what to expect at your appointment.

As noted in the video you can expect the following steps in getting a HIV test done:

  • First your doctor will talk with you about your reasons for getting a rapid HIV test.
  • If all is clear your finger tip will be cleaned with an alcohol swab to kill any bacteria on the skin.
  • A device is used to gently prick the finger to gather a sample of blood.
  • The finger will be gently squeezed to allow a sample of blood to be collected in a tube.
  • This blood is placed on the Alere Rapid HIV test strip and needs 20 minutes to develop.
  • Your doctor will ask you to wait outside for 20 minutes and then invite you back in to read the test results.
  • Any abnormal results will be discussed and actions immediately.

If you have any questions please be sure to contact Dr George Forgan-Smith at Era Health.

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