Uk Politician Openly Shares His HIV Status

I can’t imagine many Australian politicians would be brave enough to stand up against anti HIV statement by sharing their own HIV positive status.

Today I applause the prospective MP for Liverpool Riverside Paul Childs for his disclosing his HIV positive status after UKIP leader Nigel Farage targeted migrants with HIV during  a recent election debate.

Mr Childs said: “We need more people speaking out. It’s got to become a normal thing for people to say they’re HIV positive. At the moment there’s a lot of stigma.

“It needs people in the public eye to speak out about it. So I hope to encourage even one person to be more open after hearing my story.”

Of Farage’s comments, he said: “This is Farage’s default position, blame the immigrants… but you can’t keep blaming a country’s problems on immigration.

It is men like Mr Childs who are helping place a human face to HIV and showing that discrimination of people living with HIV is not acceptable. While this discrimination is allowed to exist we will have people too fearful to face the fear of what would happen if a HIV test came back positive.

It’s time to move forward, get tested and take control of our collective health.

Dr George Forgan-Smith

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