Queensland Rapid HIV Testing Hits The Road

Queensland Rapid HIV Testing roadshow.

Queensland Australia is doing fantastic work with statewide implementation of the new rapid HIV test. As reported in The Daily Mercury:

IMPROVED testing and quick treatment means people with HIV can have a good quality of life with a normal life expectancy.

This is part of the message of the HIV Foundation Queensland Rapid Roadshow that was in Mackay yesterday.

The foundation’s Community HIV Education and Prevention (CHEP) program vehicle pulled up near the Bluewater Lagoon and at Slade Point as part of a mission to raise awareness of HIV facts and rapid testing.

CHEP officer Lucy Thallon said the latest screening was a fast and simple finger prick test, the results of which were known within 20 minutes.

She said regular testing was recommended for anyone who might be at risk of HIV, with the quick test reducing anxious waiting times.

“Knowing your status means you can take precautions to prevent yourself from passing on the virus,” Ms Thallon said. “The earlier HIV is detected, the better your chances of living a longer, healthier life by accessing appropriate treatment.”

For people living in and around Melbourne Victoria the rapid HIV test is also available at Era health and a number of other sites. If you would like to have a screening HIV test in under 30 minutes please phone (03) 9944 6200 to book an appointment with Dr George Forgan-Smith

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