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London Hospital To Screen All Blood Tests For HIV

In a forward thinking move a London hospital has created an opt out system with all patients getting blood tests also receiving a screening HIV test. As noted in Pink News: St Thomas’ Hospital will become the first in the UK to take the proactive new approach – which means that standard practice will be […]

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Uk Politician Openly Shares His HIV Status

I can’t imagine many Australian politicians would be brave enough to stand up against anti HIV statement by sharing their own HIV positive status. Today I applause the prospective MP for Liverpool Riverside Paul Childs for his disclosing his HIV positive status after UKIP leader Nigel Farage targeted migrants with HIV during  a recent election debate. Mr Childs said: “We need […]

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Living With HIV

Just wanted to highlight a great interview from The Courier Mail sharing towo people’s story on what it’s like living with HIV. “I was diagnosed with HIV in April 2010. I contracted it by using substances. I was very familiar with HIV anyway because I had lots of HIV positive friends. When I told one […]

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Queensland Rapid HIV Testing Hits The Road

Queensland Australia is doing fantastic work with statewide implementation of the new rapid HIV test. As reported in The Daily Mercury: IMPROVED testing and quick treatment means people with HIV can have a good quality of life with a normal life expectancy. This is part of the message of the HIV Foundation Queensland Rapid Roadshow […]

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What Does Undetectable Viral Load Mean?

In a recent article from Poz Magazine: With the news spreading across the Web of the PARTNER study showing that no HIV-positive individual with an undetectable viral load has transmitted HIV within the first two years of the study, HIV-positive men are tossing out their condoms and celebrating. All online profiles are immediately being changed to […]

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HIV Can’t Be Transmitted Via Casual Contact

Sadly there are still many people who have no understanding of how HIV is transmitted. For those who have HIV positive friends or family member it’s important to understand that HIV can’t be transmitted by: Casual contact including hugs, kisses and hand shaking Sharing a bathroom or toilet Sharing cooking utensils Despite ongoing public education […]

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A Story of On Woman’s Infection With HIV

Reports in Australian news website shared a story of one woman’s early infection with HIV. “I met this guy out one night and we had a casual relationship. We were seeing each other for a couple of weeks and after that initial period he became quite sexually aggressive. After that incident I wasn’t planning on […]

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Reducing HIV risk With Circumcision in Africa

Huffington Post’s Jessica Proas has highlighted the use of circumcision as a way to reduce HIV’s spread in Africa. Studies have shown that circumcision reduces risk of HIV infection for heterosexual males. Homosexual males who are the insertive partner or “top” for anal sex also have a reduced risk of infection if circumcised. Helio Raimundo […]

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