Reducing HIV risk With Circumcision in Africa

Huffington Post’s Jessica Proas has highlighted the use of circumcision as a way to reduce HIV’s spread in Africa. Studies have shown that circumcision reduces risk of HIV infection for heterosexual males. Homosexual males who are the insertive partner or “top” for anal sex also have a reduced risk of infection if circumcised. Helio Raimundo […]

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What Is A 4th Generation Rapid HIV Test?

New rapid HIV tests available in Australia test for multiple different proteins that can be found in the blood of people who have been infected with HIV. One of the earliest proteins to be found in the blood after HIV infection is the p24 protein. Newer “4th generation rapid HIV tests” are able to test […]

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What Is Undetectable HIV viral load mean?

A great article in The Huffington Post helping explain what having a undetectable HIV viral load means not just for an individual but also for the greater community. For those who are still unsure, an HIV-positive person can achieve undetectable levels after undergoing antiretroviral therapy (ART). A level of a person’s HIV viral load is […]

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Queensland Government Distances From State’s Key HIV Agency

The Queensland government has been called to task after key HIV agency QuAC forced to purchase rapid HIV testing kits while most other testing sites are provided the tests free through government funding. Gay and lesbian health advocate Dr Wendel Rosevear notes in the Star Observer report: “I can’t understand why now the Queensland Government wants […]

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Global Vision For HIV/AIDS

In my home of Melbourne the world AIDS conference was recently hosted.  In opening ceremony Michel Sidibé shared his vision for the future in a world living with HIV/AIDS. Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of UN AIDS, described his vision for ending AIDS. “Voluntary testing and treatment reaching everyone, everywhere; each person living with HIV reaching viral suppression; […]

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Survey of US Teens Shows Lack Of HIV Knowledge

A recent US survey by the MAC AIDS Fund shows a disturbing lack of HIV knowledge, it’s transmission and even that it’s a sexual infection. The MAC AIDS Fund’s survey of more than 1,000 US teens ages 12 to 17 found 88 percent of respondents don’t think they’re at risk of getting HIV in their lifetimes. […]

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what the golden girls taught us about aids

“What The Golden Girls Taught Us About AIDS”

An interesting article from NPR talks about how The Golden Girls telecast one of the earliest depictions of HIV on commercial television. In “72 Hours,” Rose receives a letter alerting her that she may have contracted HIV from a blood transfusion during gallbladder surgery six years earlier, and she is advised to get a test. […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Government Sanctions HIV Phobic Doctor - Melbourne Rapid HIV Tests

Government Sanctions HIV Phobic Doctor

Great news with the US Government refusing to fund a HIV phobic doctor who refused surgical treatments on HIV positive patients. It’s sad that some doctors don’t understand how HIV is transmitted. It’s great to see government agencies standing strong and refusing to fund doctors who are actively discriminatory in their actions.  

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